QSCheck Online Surveys

Perform open, token-based and closed Surveys

QSCheck offers you a complete Survey Management for various challenges and survey types.

You may combine Mystery Shopping Projects with Surveys or just perform a standalone Survey on your Shoppers Panel, an external closed group or just an open Survey.

The QSCheck Questionnaire Designer makes it easy and comfortable for you to create and test your questionniare on the fly.

The QSCheck Survey Manager gives you accurate control and a clear overview of your Survey progress and results. Various reports will be generated by default and presented in your customers web frontend without extra work.

Closed Surveys

Perform Surveys with your Shopper Panel

Closed Panel Surveys

You access your Shopper Panels with all options and filters to match your target group for a Closed Survey.

The QSCheck Survey Manager will do all the work for you to invite the participants and to control your Survey. You may use this kind of survey to pre-qualifiy shoppers for Mystery Shopping Projekts or for any other purpose.

Token-based Surveys

Perform Surveys with token-based access control

Token Surveys

Use the powerful QSCheck Survey Manager features to perform surveys with a list of external participants. Just import an mailing list to the QSCheck Survey Manager and invite the participants with pre-gerenated tokens. Participants have to enter this anonymous token to access your QSCheck Survey.

Open Surveys

Open Surveys often used for Market Research, Opinion Polls and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Open Surveys

Open surveys are perfect to ask for your customers feedback for e.g. after shopping at your online shop or contacting your service hotline. Just send your customer an email with a link to your QSCheck Survey and analyse the incoming feedback.

You may use any external mailing list to invite participants to your survey or place the survey link at your Website to collect your customers opinion.

Open Surveys of course can be used for any other purpose.