Mystery Shopping Business Suite

QSCheck for Mystery Shopping

QSCheck was designed to accelerate and impact your business, offering mystery shopping and market research services.

"Mystery shopping gives business owners, operators and executives insights into the extent that a company is delivering on its brand promises at the point of interaction with the customer. Through the use of unbiased third-parties who objectively record their experiences, mystery shopping providers help their clients understand what the average customer is experiencing, what staff behaviors should be acknowledged and rewarded and areas of customer service and customer interaction that can be improved." (MSPA).

QSCheck is an all-in-one business suite, enhancing the complete process chain from acquiring shopppers up to presenting reliable online reports to your customer.

Shopper Panel
Project Setup
Project Manager
Quality Check
Online Reporting
Export Data

QSCheck - flexible to support various Project Types

To meet various customer requirements how to perform and analyse mystery shopping projects, QSCheck supports:

Single Survey
Wave Survey
Multi-Step Survey

QSCheck - state-of-the-art Web Application

QSCheck is a modern, state-of-the-art web application, optimized for secure and heavy duty performance.

The QSCheck backoffice offers you maximum flexibility to support distributed teams and locations around the world, with 365/24/7 availability.

The rich featured Backoffice clearly maintains all processes with multiple mystery shopping projects at one go. The web based Shopper Frontend facilitates the akquiring process and the communication during the recruitment process. Your customers will delighted to use an individual web based Customer Frontend to view and drill down the reports generated by QSCheck.

Shopper Web App
QSCheck Backoffice
Customer Web App